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The Company

By The People (BTP) is a social enterprise, established by Oren Glanz in 2009, based on the realization that the global pace of change is not only the root cause of the current unemployment challenges, but is also the core pillar of the solution for them, creating unprecedented number of opportunities for entreprneurshipof new products and services.


To adapt to the pace of change, people need to learn and practice entrepreneurial skills as a way of life. Therefore, helping as many professionals as possible think and act as entrepreneurs is our mission.

Being a social enterprise, By The People maintains constant balance between achieving its social goals and its financial ones.


By The People operates in a unique mixture of learning and doing. Working in small teams of entrepreneurs-to-be and combining theoretical entrepreneurship knowledge sessions along with hands on joint work to actually build and run new businesses.


Over the years, we have worked with more than 400 professionals in developing variety of businesses, including freelancing, consultancy, startups, social enterprises and more.


We operate in two lines of activity:


1) A Business Incubator

By The People Business Incubator is a one of its kind business program, helping professionals build a new business in a short time by employing a proven model to quickly evaluate many ideas, choose the most promising one and build a business around it.



2) A Freelancers Company

An innovative high-tech professional services company employing a revolutionary business model for developing tailor made solutions as well as innovative start-ups. Its bold yet fresh approach is aimed at enabling professionals to take control of their career and maximize their value in the market while realizing their return on investment.




Click here to see our entrepreneurs feedback (Mostly in Hebrew. Sorry...)

Our Founder & CEO

Oren Glanz is a well-known Israeli serial high-tech entrepreneur, with 20 years of entrepreneurship, building 8 startup companies, among them TeleKnowledge group (acquired by MTS Telecom), Olista Corp (acquired by Connectiva systems), By The People Ltd, Voicee Freedom, and others.


Over the last 7 years, Oren has devoted himself to helping people manage their career in these turbulent times, by developing programs and tools that teach them how to think and act as entrepreneurs.


Throughout his activities as CEO of By The People and while working as mentor for hundreds of entrepreneurs, Oren created the RealSTART acceleration model for developing real, live businesses from idea to market, while minimizing expenses and time spent.


Having a strong determination to educate the business community that it should be doing good while doing business, Oren is an active player in the newly emerging Social Entrepreneurship field, developing employment solutions for people from work-deprived segments, founder of "For A Good Cause" NGO, member of several NGO steering committees and a frequent lecturer on the future of entrepreneurship and the high tech industry.


In 2011 Oren's company, By The People, received a "special honor for its social impact" by the Globes Magazine.


In 2011 Oren was selected as one of the 3 finalists of the Schwab Foundation "Social Entrepreneur of the Year" award.


In 2012, Oren was included in the prestigious list of "The 100 most influential individuals in Israel" by the TheMarker magazine.

News and Events

A joint broadcast with the Adler Institute. Discussing the role of the family in career transitions

Channel 2 program on By The People 

Our story of helping people over 45 find their new career path

 TheMarker TV Interview

"Oren Glanz is addressing the lack of stability and high turn around of high-tech employees, especially veterans. Meet the people who reprogram the Israeli high-tech world."

A Channel 2 interview with Oren Glanz

Discussing the employment challenges of veternas

Oren Glanz is on of the "100 Most Influential individuals in Israel"

Dedicated to helping veterans take control of their career and break the employment insecurity barrier.


Oren Glanz launches a business incubator 

The new activity invites professionals with 10+ years of experience, who are determined to take control over their career, do so in a structured and proven way

A Korean review of By The People and Oren Glanz

Naming Oren as one of the top 5 entrepreneurs in Israel

Doing Good while Doing Business

We at BTP believe that it is our personal responsibility, the entrepreneurs, to provide solutions for the global and local challenges of our era.  There is no need to wait for an "Exit", all that needs to be done is to embed "doing good" into our daily "doing business". In everything we do,  BTP strives to demonstrate that this can be done.


Amongst our activities:


A bridge between the social world and the business one. RainMakers provides non-for-profit organizations with a way to monetize their assets and generate revenue. This is done by identifying real business needs and designing solutions for them that utilize the unique assets of the non-for-profit organizations.


High-tech Runway:

This program helps people with disabilities kick start their career in the high-tech industry by hiring them as employees and providing them with a carefully planned way for gaining real work experience while being gradually exposed to the work demands and pressures.


Based on the Runway program, several profession specific social enterprises were created:

QA4All - A team of trained and experienced QA people from our Runway program, working under the guidance of a very experienced QA manager and providing services to high-tech companies.

DoingGoog - A team of Runway trained professionals, providing SEO internet marketing services to large SEO firms 



For Good Cause is an Israeli Non-Profit Organization, founded by Oren Glanz and Gila Elbaz, for promoting social oriented initiatives, projects and enterprises.


For Good Cause works as an incubator for ventures that improve the quality of life for people with disabilities, either through development of technological products, or through the provisioning of services aimed at increasing employment and assimilation of people with disabilities within the general society.


We are constantly looking for partners to join us on this challenging, yet much rewarding activity.


By The People productions for raising awareness to the importance of hiring people with disabilities:

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