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By The People Freelancers Company


Ad-hocracy :The shift away from permanent or long-lasting organizational structures in business to one-shot, short-term organizational formats." (Revolutionary Wealth, Heidi & Alvin Tofler, 2006)


By The People Freelancers Company (BTP-FL) is an innovative Israeli high-tech company employing a revolutionary business model for developing tailor made solutions as well as innovative start-ups. Its bold yet fresh approach is aimed at enabling professionals to take control of their career and maximize their value in the market place while realizing their return on investment.


Each client has a unique set of requirements and specifications. Every client has concerns: team’s capability, availability, knowledge and professionalism. All clients are looking for organizational stability, flexible resources, proven management and first rate service.

By utilizing its innovative Agile Coalition™ service model, BTP-FL provides its clients with unprecedented match to their specific needs, leading to great results on every project.


There are no employees at By The People, everyone is a partner. Partners join project teams based on their interest, skills, availability and the project needs. They work together much like a cooperative, sharing roles, responsibilities and the revenue they generate. Upon completion of a project, the team dismantles and the partners move to other teams.


This unique approach provides professionals with the combined power of working as part of a company together with the financial and mental benefits of being a free worker. With BTP-FL, professionals can now focus on their strengths knowing and trusting their partners’ experience will fill any gap. BTP-FL Agile Coalition model is a true synergy of resources, capabilities, responsibilities, ideas and strengths.


With a network of over 250 professionals that have already launched their new career, BTP-FL is offering a wide range of high-tech services, including

• Complex web applications design and development in Java, Dot Net, PHP and additional technologies

• Mobile applications development for Android and iPhone

• Real time, embedded application design and development

• Social networks and internet marketing campaigns planning and execution

• Large, multidisciplinary projects planning and management

• Business development and sales services for technology companies

• Quality Assurance services

• 24x7 Application monitoring and technical support services

• HR recruiting and management


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